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Alternative Wellness Options

Wellness Options - Healthy Living 

I’m on a mission to introduce various alternative health options to be well & healthy. There is no magic pill, commit to a lifestyle change & live well. It is important for clients to make great choices for healthier lives by committing to change and allow us to help: 

First, Take Care Of You.

“The secret to great health can be described in three words: Cleanse Your Body! Engrave these three words permanently in your memory.” (Dr. Paul Bragg)

Take control, engage in your wellness and take control towards a healthy destiny. Healthy alternative options await you just by a click of the mouse:

Environmental Options 


Essential Oils



Whether you're are just living living, an athlete or a professional on the go, you need to put back what the day takes out of you.

Are you at risk?
Free radical damage can cause:
Oxidative damage to cells
Premature aging
Joint stiffness
Decline in vision health
Decrease in reproductive quality
Decline in strength of blood vessels
Decrease in cognitive functions

Proper nutrition is essential on a daily basis. Since most people, man, woman and child do not get the necessary nutrients on a daily basis we can help to guide towards a healthier lifestyle. Nutritional supplementation is essential towards moving toward our optimal health.  Supplementation is a key factor to help heal our bodies from the inside out.  Our cellular and molecular structure contributes to energy to jumpstart how we feel. Nutrition is a key component of wellness just as the air we breathe.

Environmental Options

Air pollution is another contributing factor of free radical damage. Change your indoor ecology, become proactive by enhancing your indoor environment with advanced technologies whether at home, work or play. 

Let us help decrease:

Air-borne viruses/bacteria (i.e., MRSA, E-coli, salmonella, staph, listeria, fungus, mold and avian influenza)
Cooking odors
Dust mites
Pet odors
Sick Building Syndrome
Smoke odors
Travel and air purification 


Bring Mother Nature’s clean air indoors – thunderstorm in a box
One unit covers 250 - 3000 square feet
No filter to change
Purification for home, auto, RV, office, commercial buildings
Proven independent air results 

Essential Oils (Aromatherapy)Skip the drugstore, natural options

Supplements - Give your body the nutrients it needs