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"Mrs. Wakefield is excellent! She has helped my body heal from some major gastrointestinal issues I had been having for years when nothing else I tried had ever been consistently effective. I'm noticeable more relaxed both psychologically and physically. I believe there are many benefits from her treatment and she's a pleasure to be around to boot! She'll help you get your body on a path to wellness." Brady S.6/15/15 

"I left my appointment feeling better than I have in months! And this was just the first visit!" Marcella C.12/21/14

"Very warm and welcoming. Never felt so relaxed before, already booked another appt. Brenda is very knowledgeable about the body and its natural rhythms."Joel D.11/17/14

"I've had wonderful and medicinal massages from Brenda Wakefield and I try to set aside money for such experiences that I receive from her. I wasn't aware and how necessary it was that we keep our bodies in tune through massages until I met Brenda. Each time that I think that I don't have the money to set aside for a massage my body tells me differently. Knowledge truly is power. Thanks Brenda for all your knowledge of how the body, mind, soul and spirit all works together. As the famous quote from the movie, Terminator says, "I'll be back"!!"Brenda M.8/28/14

"Hello my name is Rachel and I had massage with Brenda Wakefield on march the 8 I had the Thermal Palms done and loved it I highly recommend it."Rachel R.3/20/14

 "I love Brenda Wakefield! Definitely book your next appointment here! Brenda took time before the appointment to talk with me and adapted my session to meet my exact needs. She is very caring and is primarily concerned with the well-being of her patients!"       Lea C.1/25/14

"I had a severe case of Siactica and went to Brenda for the CranioSacral and Lymph Drainage therapies. The combination of the two therapies lessened my pain tremendously. I highly recommend Mrs. Wakefield for any nagging aches and pains. Thank you Brenda for healing hands!!"  Melba J.1/20/14

"Brenda is the best kept secret in Dallas. I have been to numerous high
end spas and have never felt as relaxed and tension free during a
massage. She is extremely knowledgable and passionate about her
profession. Her lymph and cranial massage mixed with traditional massage
will take your body on a journey to heaven and back. She is AMAZING and
affordable! Seriously, you will be amazed at what she can do for you!" Rene S. 1/14/14

"It's been a few days since my massage and my body feels EXCELLENT. I'm a
dentist so I truly look for my massages to not only be relaxing but
also to relieve tension in my lower back and shoulders. Brenda, really
took the time to listen to my problem areas and therapeutically  assist
in healing my ailments. LOVE LOVE LOVE the service. I will definitely be
a frequent customer. Unlike most therapist...she really takes
the time to make your visit unique. I have travelled many place overseas
and had services done at the Ritz Carlton and beyond. She amongst the
BEST. Irving should be happy to have her......" K. 1/4/14

"The best massage I have ever had.  I have traveled to Napa Valley and Calistoga, CA for similar services and can tell you Brenda is by far superior.  
I got a massage just two days ago and can honestly say that I haven't felt this good and relaxed in a long time.  I left her office feeling equipped to handle anything that comes my way with confidence.  Now I'm ready for the New Year!" Lisa 12/30/13

"Brenda exceeded my expectations when I went in for lymph drainage therapy last month. I felt so peaceful in her hands. I have also been blessed by her cranial-sacral and massage therapy. She is an expert in her field and I felt deeply cared for and always feel a sense of well-being afterwards. She is my therapist of choice." Carmen 12/10/13

"After weeks of neglecting my personal well-being, I scheduled a much needed massage appointment with Brenda. The environment she had created at her new location is very inviting. Brenda is extremely knowledgeable about the various massage techniques and listens to what your needs are as well. I left the appointment feeling relaxed and could tell she had worked out the kinks in my trouble spots. Remember though, you must drink plenty of water to continue the healing process she has started! :-) I'll be going back in two weeks!!"       Karen R. 10/12/13

"I love Brenda Wakefield! Definitely book your next appointment here! Really - she is awesome!!!" Gail F. 10/04/13

"I absolutely loved the pregnancy massage services Brenda provided to me... she's passionate about what she does; educates the client; creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere... You will appreciate her talent as she connects with you to ensure that the very best of services are delivered. I definitely recommend her therapy - not only did it provide physical healing, but spiritual as well."  Sharanda C. 6/06/13

"I have massages all over the DFW area, and Brenda has become my go-to therapist for the past year! I can't wait to book my next appointment. "  Monica P. 6/01/13

"Had my first chair massage in years with Brenda at my office today and I must say that I will be visiiting her office just to enjoy one of her full service massages. Can't wait! She is a relaxing gentle touching woman! A MUST HAVE!!" Tammy J. 5/09/13

"Today was my first visit to "Hands of Choice Massage Therapy." I had the aromatherapy massage and it was absolutely amazing?! I was completely relaxed throughout the session. Afterwards, my mind felt free and my body felt completely rejuvenated. I highly recommend Brenda Wakefield for your massage needs. I intend to use her in the future and try some of the other types of massages and therapies that she offers."NaShawn F. 1/25/13

"I was completely happy with my first massage with Brenda! Her attentive, focused and calm presence facilitated a deeply relaxing experience. HIghly recommended!"          Kathy F. 11/06/12

"I was given the opportunity to experience a professional massage by Mrs. Wakefield. As a prior s tudent and a client I can very well say that Hands of Choice is awesome. I'm looking forward to some cranial sacral therapy. " LaQuinta B. 8/30/12

I was given the opportunity to receive a cranial and a regular massage and both have been a wonderful experience. I was in a car accident and Brenda helped me out tremendously. Thanks Brenda!!!   Charlene - 8/27/12

The aromatherapy massage, especially with the fibromyalgia blend, has really changed my life. Before these massages, there were so many things I could no longer do. The pain was affecting every area of my life. Thanks to the massages that were able to be tailored specifically for me, I am no longer dreading the start of another painful day. I am back to enjoying the things I love to do!     Gwen - 8/22/12

With one Cranio-Sacral session, Brenda Wakefield helped me more than any other therapy for my symptoms associated with menopause.  Hot flashes, moodiness and restlessness had become commonplace; with symptoms striking regularly and severely.  I've been symptom free since last Thanksgiving.  Thank you, Brenda!                   Carmen Lytle - 8/04/12

Had my first visit with Brenda and loved her! She will become my monthly treat!     Diane Dangelmaier - 7/24/12

If you are desiring a relaxing, spirit filled experience, I highly recommend Brenda at Hands of Choice.  She gives  new meaning to massage therapy and alternative wellness options.  I live in Indiana and traveled to Ohio and now Texas just to continue to be rejuvenated!  Kyle Tidwell 7/16/12